Tuesday, June 10, 2008


On 14 May 2008, the Youth League of Epirus was formed as an Incorporated Association under the statutes of the State of Victoria. It applied to become a member of the Panepirotic Federation of Australia and was accepted unanimously.

The founding conference of the Youth League of Epirus

The Youth League of Epirus is comprised of young, Australian-born students and porfessionals who wish to reinterpret, preserve and celebrate aspects of their unique Epirot heritage. In creating social and professional networks among all Greek-Australian youth, regardless of origin, they seek to ensure that the unique Epirotic identity, a culmination of 3,000 years of history and tradition, continues to remain relevant to Australian-born generations, whose contact with the motherland is limited.

In June a successful and well attended youth event was held in which strategies for the future development of youth participation on the P.F.A were discussed.

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